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IMM Nagoya includes one full day of conference sessions featuring high-level keynote presentations and panel discussions with forward-thinking leaders and experts from the industry.
Get the best insights on industry new trends and find solutions to ensure the smooth transition of your company to a smarter future.

More technical sessions will also be available on the 2nd day of the event.


There’ll be plenty of connections with our on-site and virtual networking spaces. Link up with hundreds of your industry peers. Meet your customers, vendors, friends and colleagues of tomorrow.
We’ll arranged your meetings based on your own choices in our secured matchmaking portal.

You’ll be able to enjoy informal networking opportunities during the 3 day as well.

Lead generation

The exhibition will offer the perfect occasion for every company to meet up with all the key players in the industry, seize new commercial opportunities, showcase their expertise and innovations to an international audience, and form technological and industrial partnerships.






Sub-contractors & Suppliers

End-Users and Contractors

October 12, 2021

9am – 6pm

IMM Nagoya Summit

October 13, 2021

9am – 6pm

B2B Meetings, Workshops, Exhibition
6.30pm – 10pm
Networking Reception

October 14, 2021

9am – 5pm

B2B Meetings, Exhibition
our premier event dedicated to the aerospace supply chain in Japan and worldwide